10 little behaviours that attract people to You

10 little behaviours that attract people to You

I studied ways to be less awkward and learned some exciting things that improved my relationships.

1. Have a calming influence.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of self-directed concern when in social situations.

Choose to enjoy your interaction and allow your calm aura to relax those around you.

2. Quit habits that bring you shame

Much of our sense of confidence is developed in moments when we needn’t perform.

3. Listen beyond the words

Most people are not present in conversations.

4. Reveal less about you

What happens when you’re hell-bent on telling everyone about every dirty aspect of your life?

5. Open up physically

You may be nervous, but if you’re closed to another person physically and psychologically, this will unlikely be felt as warmth by others.

6. Soften your face

I’ve been known to tighten up when speaking with people, and my expression can be too intense.

7. Make others look important

A counterintuitive concept in human behaviour is that those who appear important often make others look important.

8. Slow your movements

I can be a twitchy little creature when I’m nervous, especially after a coffee. Speaking and moving in quick, jerky movements is regular for many.

9. Ask a question few others ask

Most people jabber on about themselves and their problems.

10. Ignore complaining, drama and disrespect

Many of us fall into negative and critical speaking habits.

Original Post shared by; Alex Mathers on Medium