Dar to become industrial hub for the African market, Elsewedy

Dar to become industrial hub for the African market, Elsewedy

Elsewedy Electric is in the process of making Tanzania its main hub for the production of some of its main products, including transformers and electric cables.

Speaking at the factory during the permanent secretary for Investment visit, the Managing Director of Elsewedy Electric Tanzania Eng. Ibrahim Qamer said, “we are committed to ensuring Tanzania feeds the markets which Elsewedy Egypt including South Africa, Kenya, DRC, Rwanda, Burundi and many more has for years served,”

During the visit, the permanent secretary for Investment, Dr. Tausi Kida, commended Elsewedy Electric for the state-of-the-art factory, which she said has invested over $40 million and will invest above $60 million once the project is complete.

“Elsewedy Electric project resulted from President Samia’s initiatives, who visited Egypt in 2021 and encouraged Elsewedy Group to establish a factory in Tanzania. The commissioning of the project began in December 2021. To date, the factory plans to expand by establishing an Industrial Park which will accommodate over 100 factories to invest in the country”. Said Dr. Kida.

The production of transformers, aluminum, and copper cables has created over 400 jobs, 35 of which were taken to Egypt for capacity building to ensure they perform at the required level.

Before these products were manufactured in Egypt, they were currently being manufactured here in Kigamboni, a move that would enhance foreign currency for Tanzania.

In another move, Dr. Kida advised Elsewedy to fast-track the process for the industrial park investment in Kikongo Mlandizi, where the government has allocated land for their project.