20 more bodies retrieved from river Yala

20 more bodies retrieved from river Yala

Over 30 bodies have been recovered from River Yala on the western side of Kenya since July 2021.

Haki Africa has reported that there have been mystery deaths and dumping of bodies and in recent weeks 20 bodies were recovered and stored at a mortuary in Yala county.

Activist Boniface Mwangi went to Yala Hospital mortuary with Haki’s Executive Director, Hussein Khalid where they saw “21 unidentified male bodies and two more floating in the river,” Mwangi explained in a tweet.

“We didn’t believe him but agreed to follow him to the river. In a span of minutes, he had spotted and shown us two bodies. The whole scene was sickening,” Mwangi added.

A witness, Okero Kite told Haki Africa that he has retrieved 31 bodies from the river since July 2021, 10 bodies in October 2021 alone.

The witness told Mwangi and the team that each of the bodies was “neatly packed and sealed like a parcel” and residents usually witness as the bodies are dumped late in the evening or early in the morning.

The retrieved decomposing bodies had deep cuts, some tied with ropes, some had plastic bags on their heads, clearly showing that the victims were tortured to death.

Citizens are advised to check on their beloved and report those missing as the unidentified bodies are likely to be buried in a mass grave.

Investigations are ongoing to solve the deadly mystery puzzle.