5 ways to spend Valentine’s for singles

5 ways to spend Valentine’s for singles

Being single is the best time for personal growth. However, it might feel like the worst experience in February as the ‘baed’ up reminisce about what they will be doing with their person.

The month starts with Kabusa Oriental Choir asking the sistas, “Valentine is coming; where is your boyfriend?” it goes both ways, right?

You do not need to be in a relationship or married for you to celebrate the day, and here are ways you can enjoy Valentine’s even more than the ‘taken’.

Go out for dinner
Dress up and go spoil yourself. You want flowers, buy yourself a bouquet, make sure you enjoy your solo company and that beautiful dinner date.

Host a single-only party
get together with your single friends and ask them to bring another single person. Have people contribute for snacks and cocktails and play a few fun games. For example, ‘Never have I Ever.’

Spend time with your loved ones
Call a friend or two willing to spend the day with you or spend it with family if you want to make Valentine’s memorable. You can even brighten up someone’s day by getting them a present.

A movie date
You cannot give the love you do not have. Take yourself on a solo movie date. Get a ticket, buy yourself popcorns or other bites for the movie and enjoy the film.

Pamper yourself at home
make yourself a nice meal while listening to your favourite playlist. Eat your meal as you watch a nice movie with a glass of wine, champagne, soda, cocktail or juice on the side.