Did you know that walking increases creativity?

Did you know that walking increases creativity?

Scientists’ research on how the human brain works have proven that movement helps us think creatively.

A person’s creative output is 60% higher when walking compared to when they sit.

People are constantly advised to exercise as it helps with healthy physic and a healthy mind. Most people who find time to exercise are highly productive and creative and remove the brain fog.

The late Steve Job, the co-founder of Apple, used to hold walking meetings believing that minds are more awake when in motion Mark Zuckerberg is also known to practise the same.

Some researchers say that other things play a part in this, including the small free movements people make while sitting.

“Our research shows that it is not movement per se that helps us to think more flexibly,” neuroscientist Dr. Barbara Händel from Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMU) in Bavaria, Germany told Science Daily.

However, activities affect a person’s creativity levels, including the increased use of mobile phones and similar devices, which could hurt one’s cognitive processes.

Here I leave you with a question: Why do you think people move in circles whenever in trouble, trying to focus on getting a suitable solution?