Do these simple things everyday to improve your car’s life

Do these simple things everyday to improve your car’s life

You probably read your car’s manual when you bought it, but I guarantee you that not everything to do on your vehicle is found in your car’s manual.

Of course, yes, you are familiar with changing your tyres operating your car’s radio, wipers and warning lights. However, I believe you still need some easy yet completely life-changing auto hacks that would undoubtedly improve your vehicle’s condition.

Hot Water & A plunge for dents
In a congested city like Dar es Salaam, dents happen occasionally, but they should not bother you anymore as there is a cheap and easy way to fix it. Here’s what you can do, take some hot water and pour it over the dent. After that, take a plunge and pull it.

It may not be as perfect as before, but it won’t be noticeable. This application is practical for minor dents, not for hugely damaged cars.

Toothpaste on Dirty headlights
Having a beautiful car with foggy headlights is boring. Car lovers must have the same feeling as mine. If you are occupied by office work, toothpaste in your bathroom can do wonders for your headlights; you only need to know how it’s done.

Just apply a good amount of toothpaste to the light make sure the whole headlight is well covered. Then take a toothbrush and start cleaning gently for 20-30 minutes. Then use some warm water to rinse the light, and you repeat the action twice or more for assurance.

Have a trash bin in your car
You must have that friend with a car having a weird smell inside. We always ignore small pieces of trash in our cars every second. If you are not careful, a disgusting odor may linger in your vehicle for a long time. Just buy your car a trash bin, it may avoid such problems.

Use coke to clean your wheels.
For sparkling rims, use coke. The cola and dish detergent mix can remove all road filth and brake dust from your rims and leave them neat.

Don’t weigh down your key.
This one is more of a cautionary note than a hack. Having too many keys or attractive keychains may cause the ignition switch to be damaged. That is, your vehicle will not start as readily as it should over time.

Experts recommend keeping no more than three keys or keychains in your collection. However, if you feel a tightness or your key locking while in the ignition, you should take it to the dealer as soon as possible; otherwise, it may wind up costing you a lot of money before you realize it.