DPP drops Nondo’s case

DPP drops Nondo’s case

Court of Appeal, Iringa region today, March 23, 2022, has dropped charges against the ACT Youth Wing Chair, Abdul Nondo. Nondo, the fledgling politician, was accused of disseminating false information about his abduction and providing false information to a civil servant in Mafinga.

On November 5, 2018, the Iringa Magistrate Court ruled to release Nondo after the plaintiff failed to submit sufficient evidence on charges against the former Tanzania Student Network Chairman, Abdul Nondo.

After the court’s rule on Nondo’s release, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) filed an appeal at the court of appeal in Iringa to deny the magistrate’s court rule that granted Nondo victory.

Today, March 23, 2022, at the court of appeal in Iringa, where the case was scheduled for a hearing of DPP’s appeal against magistrate’s court decision rule of 2018, Nondo was declared the winner after public prosecutor Basilius Namkambe submitted a request before the court that DPP has no intention to proceed with the case.

“The case against me had no any evidence. I thank God, the High Court and the magistrate court since they long ruled me not guilty of all these charges filed against me. I am now free to proceed with my life,” – Said Nondo after the court’s rule. 

Jebra Kambole, Nondo’s lawyer, said that he is satisfied with the court’s on the case, that his client will now be free.