Drought expected to strike Tanzania

Drought expected to strike Tanzania

Over 10 regions in Tanzania and eight sectors are likely to face drought in the next three months, starting November 2021 and expected to last till January 2022.

Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA) has reported that Iringa, Katavi, Lindi, Mara, Mbeya, Motogoro, Mtwara, Rukwa, Ruvuma and Songwe are among regions likely to experience below-normal rains starting November.

Food security, health, fishing, livestock keeping, trade, tourism, wild animals, energy, mining and agriculture are some of the areas to be affected as well.

The scarcity of water will hinder the completion of mining activities and cause load shedding as water is needed in hydroelectric dams for energy production.

The drought would likely cause scarcity of food and water for humans as most the food crops producer regions will receive low rainfall and animals might be forced to invade human settlement.

TMA Director General, Agnes Kijazi has cautioned tourism authorities to tighten their borders

“It is of paramount importance for the responsible authorities to improve infrastructure in wildlife parks and reserves,” said Kijazi.

Kijazi also added that “there will be a slight increase of rainfall expected in March.”