Five go missing in Dar es Salaam for three weeks

Five go missing in Dar es Salaam for three weeks

Parents gripped in fear as five young men, Kariakoo traders, went missing from Boxing Day when they left for a beach party in Kigamboni.

Some said they got a communication from the young men that they had been arrested by police but never told where the police took them.

Speaking to the Citizen, Longili Martin, father of Edwin Kunambi, one of the young men, said their efforts have been in vain so far.

“We have visited various police stations, hospitals, and even morgues but got no clue yet.

“As I speak to you, I’ve just been at Msimbazi and Central Police stations to see if there was any development. Unfortunately, there is none. The police only say that they are investigating,” Martin said.

Martin last spoke to his son on December 23rd, asking him to go home to Gongolamboto for Christmas, but the son said he was busy and would instead visit on New Year.

Tabu Saidi, mother of one of the men, Rajab Mdoe said her son went to get her car on December 26th afternoon so he and his friends could go for a party, and he never returned.

The following morning his friends went to tell her that police arrested him on their way to the beach, but she did not know her son’s whereabouts.

Dar es Salaam Regional Police Commander Jummane Muliro spoke on the issue and said they do not have the young men in custody.

“Some family members have reported the matter to the police, and we are saying that not every missing person is arrested by the police. Not every missing person is dead. Several times, children go missing and are found somewhere else,” RPC Muliro said.

“When police arrest people, we normally announce so that family members would be aware of their whereabouts,” he added.