Government invests TZS 8bn/- to improve quality seeds production.

Government invests TZS 8bn/- to improve quality seeds production.

The agriculture Seeds Agency (ASA) is set to install modern irrigation infrastructures at its three seeds production farms in Morogoro, Tabora and Arusha Regions.

The TZS 8 billion project will cover the Msimbe seeds Farms in Kilosa – Morogoro (200 hectares), Kilimi Farms – Nzega in Tabora (400 hectares) and the Ngaramtoni Farms in Arusha (200 hectares).

The government is determined to scale-up irrigation infrastructures investments at ASA seeds farms in order to help achieve its government’s ambition to have the country’s sector growing by 10% by 2030.

ASA seeds production has increased by 49,000 tons this year from 20,000 tons last year.

Hon Mavunde, the deputy minister for agriculture while addressing at the parliament said that, the government is currently working to construct 14 major water dams  with capacity to store 130.5m/- cubic meters of water as part to make irrigation farming successful and thus, strengthening performance of the country’s irrigation sector.

As of now, production of quality seeds in the country is still low because the demand is at least 187,000 tons while the current production is less than 60,000 tons.