How to tighten and increase vagina lubrication

How to tighten and increase vagina lubrication

One of the vagina’s superpowers is its elasticity. A vagina can stretch and return to its normal size in a short period.

With age, childbirth and other underlying issues, your vagina can get a bit lax and probably dry as well.

Laxity is a common problem among females, and they can feel embarrassed and uncomfortable during sex.

As you will get a few safe ways to treat vagina laxity, you must be aware that some DIY methods could be harmful, and you should be careful about what method you are comfortable trying.

Sitz Bath

Get a sitz bath bowl to put on your toilet if you do not have one, and you can use a basin. Pour enough hot water in your basin to cover both your vagina and ass, add a handful of rock salt and wait for the water to cool a bit.

The water should not be too warm nor hot enough to burn you. Sit in hot water for 20 – 30 minutes.

Not only does it tighten your vagina, but it also cleanses the perineum. This is the same method most women use after childbirth to recover.

fenugreek water

Get fenugreek seeds, soak them in a glass of cold water for up to 12hrs and drink afterwards.

Fenugreek help increases sexual desire and lubrication in women.


Boil okra with a pinch of salt and eat it like that when it is properly cooked. Okra increases lubrication and removes mucous from the system.

Kegel exercises

Try to stop midstream when peeing. If you succeed, you have found your pelvic floor muscles essential in the kegel.

Find a nice pose for your kegel, contract, and relax your pelvic floor muscles for five up to 10 seconds. Repeat this five times three times a day.

The Coyle Institute does not support the use of vagina tightening pills as they do not produce long-lasting effects as claimed