I wish one day to be the President of Tanzania, says Zitto.

I wish one day to be the President of Tanzania, says Zitto.

“I wish one day to become the president of the United Republic of Tanzania.”, Zitto Kabwe was quoted in Mwanza, where his party held its 8th-anniversary ceremony. 

In an interview, Zitto Kabwe said he’s capable of leading Tanzania as the President considering the extensive exposure and experience he had acquired since his student days at the university. 

“I said once said I want to become the President of this country. Though I cannot say that I’m certain I will contest in the next elections of 2025, that is not on me but God’s will, my party and people’s endorsement.” 

Political parties coalition

“There has been a long demand from the citizens for political parties in Tanzania to form a coalition that will remove CCM from power”, said Zitto. Then the coalition can decide to endorse him for the presidency or any other, and all are possible though it’s hard to be sure of that now as the entire procedure requires agreements from all ends. 

Zitto believes the coalition of oppositional parties stands a high chance of grabbing power from CCM. 

Independent electoral committee and the new constitution

Zitto gave his party’s stance that an independent electoral committee should precede the new constitution. Their decision does not intend to negate parties’ activism but instead focuses on attaining what’s imminent to achieve. 

Zitto said that having an independent electoral committee before the new constitution will pay the way for amending the Political Parties Act, which would allow the citizens to participate in free and fair elections and the committee to announce fair polls results. 

“Without having an independent electoral commission, it will be a forever dream to get the new constitution”. Added Zitto.