Key points CHADEMA presented to President Samia

Key points CHADEMA presented to President Samia

The acquisition of a new constitution, an independent electoral commission, the ban on rallies and scars for the 2020 general elections are among the issues carried by CHADEMA leaders to President Samia Suluhu when he met with CHADEMA and CCM leaders at the State House, Chamwino region. Dodoma May 20, 2022.

According to a report in Tanzania Daima newspaper, other issues that CHADEMA leaders intended to present at the talks were:

  • The case of 19 MPs for special seats.
  • The issue of subsidies.
  • Equality of political parties.
  • People are being prosecuted for political reasons and for the security of politicians who fled abroad.

Despite the statement, the White House has not issued any information. Still, given the earlier meetings that CHADEMA Chairman Freeman Mbowe met with President Samia, the talks were also aimed at strengthening democracy and the political situation in the country.

On the side of CHADEMA, the session was attended by Chairperson Freeman Mbowe, Vice Chairman of CHADEMA Zanzibar, Said Issa Mohammed, John Mnyika (Secretary-General), and Secretary-General of BAWACHA, Catherine Ruge.

The CCM delegation included CCM Mainland Vice-Chairman Abdulrahman Kinana, CCM General Secretary Daniel Chongolo and Secretary for Ideology and Publicity, Shaka Hamdu Shaka.