A brief of Lissu’s speech after landing in the country

A brief of Lissu’s speech after landing in the country

Today on January 25, 2023, the Chadema Deputy Chair, Tundu Lissu and the former MP for Eastern Singida in Tanzania arrived from Belgium, where he was self-exiled since 2020 after the general elections.

Mr Lissu immediately flew out of the country after being defeated in the  2020 presidential race by the late John Pombe Magufuli, citing security concerns.

After spending nearly 3 years abroad, Lissu decided to return home and, received by hundreds of his party’s loyal followers, flocked to the airport’s entrance.

Upon addressing the public at Bulyaga grounds in Temeke soon after he kissed the ground, Lissu said the country’s constitution causes the country’s current economic situation.

Food prices will only go down, and all economic problems will be solved if we manage to get a new constitution, Lissu said. Lissu also claimed despite having no means to bring down food prices legally, he will never stop speaking about it.

Lissu emphasised that Tanzanians must stand firm to demand a new constitution, for it is the sole solution to their economic hardship. Lissu said demanding a new constitution does not need God’s intervention but rather a political matter that’s within human capacity.