Lissu applauds Samia’s move and call for firm political & legal reforms

Lissu applauds Samia’s move and call for firm political & legal reforms

Tundu Lissu, a self-exiled politician and Chadema (Mainland) Vice-Chairman, has applauded President Samia’s frequent meetings with the opposition as it signals imminent attaining of the new constitution and massive structural and administrative reforms in Tanzania.

Lissu also thanked President Samia’s government for paying all of his parliamentary dues that the government has retained since he was stripped of his parliamentary seat on June 28, 2019, due to various reasons, including failure to file assets and liabilities and failure to report to the Speaker on his whereabouts.

Since said that, apart from all President has achieved, there’s still a lot to do to heal the rifts incurred in the previous regime under Magufuli. Lissu reiterated that he is the victim of the previous government after he was shot 16 times in broad daylight.

“For Samia to heal the wounds, it needs first to have the new constitution, total reforms in legal, administration and structure of the government. Samia’s move to start dialogue with CHADEMA is a right move,” – Lissu said.

Lissu has even admitted that a lot has changed since Samia took office. Tanzania has gained many remarkable changes that promise a bright future for the country, unlike in the previous regime. Lissu attested.

“I’m happy that President Samia has dealt with some injustice done against me. I only owe her my treatment dues and ensure my safety for me to return home, and I believe she will work on this too,” – Lissu said.

“About my treatment dues, I was told to write a letter to file my complaints. I’m now gathering all important documents testifying my treatments in Nairobi and Belgium” – Tundu Lissu.