Makamba refutes rumors of electricity price increase.

Makamba refutes rumors of electricity price increase.

Unconfirmed news about an increase in electricity price per unit has caused controversy across social media in the last two days. 

Today June 10, 2022, the Minister for Energy, Hon January Makamba, cleared the air after he refuted the information saying it is untrue and people should ignore them. 

Hon Makamba made those remarks when responding to the additional question of the CCM Nyasa MP, Hon Stella Manyanya. 

Hon Makanda said that his office has heard of the false news and has already reported to the responsible authorities for appropriate measures against those disseminating such information. 

“The process to increase electricity price is long and involves a bunch of stakeholders, including the citizens, and we must take opinions whenever we want to increase the prices”, – said Hon Makamba