Mbowe affirms his support for Samia’s 4Rs.

Mbowe affirms his support for Samia’s 4Rs.

President Samia Suluhu’s 4Rs philosophy, which includes Reconciliation, Resiliency, Reforms, and Rebuilding, seems to sit well with Chadema’s supreme leader, Freeman Mbowe, as he believes to be the cornerstone toward resolving contemporary issues affecting the country’s social, political and economic issues. 

Chadema national chairman Freeman Mbowe has revealed his party’s decision to continue holding discussions with CCM to reach an agreement on a new constitution that he believes to be the paramount and imperative recipe to national development. 

Despite the intraparty nuances from some senior Chadema officials over the underway reconciliations process, most of them, in most cases, advocate for withdrawal from the discussions claiming to be unproductive. 

However, Mbowe seems patient, optimistic and determined about the ongoing talks with the government as he reiterates it being a watershed to a new constitution.

Speaking to the Tanzanians diaspora in the USA, Mr Mbowe said through the ongoing debates, they relentlessly push for a new constitution, which is crucial for effective institutions. 

Mbowe said it is too early to withdraw from the ongoing talks with the government as he sees light head through the negotiations. To cement his stance, he referred to Israel and Palestine peace talks that have been going on for the last half-century and insisted on humility and perseverance to achieve the desired end. 

Mbowe revealed that just having a chance to engage with the government, like Chadema is doing right now, is a rare occurrence that they must hold with honour, and he will be the last to lose that golden chance. Mbowe affirmed his position and that of his party that they will never withdraw from talks. 

Mbowe’s stance on President Samia’s philosophy of 4Rs seems formidable as it conforms to President Hassan’s desire to build a better Tanzania based on forming a stable political environment that will leverage economic sustainability.