Mbowe vows to take the government to court

Mbowe vows to take the government to court

The CHADEMA staunch leader, Freeman Mbowe, said neither he intends to sell CHADEMA nor will he do that in the future despite circulating rumours that he wants to sell the party.

Mbowe even admitted to having lost some of his personal belongings and was intimated by echelons of the government intimidating him to sell the party but never did he back down and insisted he would file charges in court to claim his lost wealth.

Mbowe made that statement on International Youth Day, nationally held in Shinyanga by CHADEMA. 

Mbowe’s long unprecedented silence after he met with President Samia Suluhu at the State House in Dar es Salaam soon after he was released from prison after the DPP dropped terror charges against him sparked a lot of questions, with many accusing him of having been bribed to remain silent. 

Mbowe called those accusations baseless and reiterated that he believes there’s time for everything, thus his silence. Mbowe then added that he would have sold the party back then when he constantly received threats that reached the point that he even lost some of his wealth. He insisted that when the right time arrives, he will open the case to claim them back.