Nape issues a stern warning to TCRA and Telecoms

Nape issues a stern warning to TCRA and Telecoms

The Minister of Information, Communication and Information Technology, Hon Nape Nnauye, has unleashed a stern warning against TCRA and Telecoms in Tanzania to stop sending texts to people without their prior consent.

Hon Nape made those remarks in Dodoma, calling TCRA and telecoms in Tanzania to forge a unanimous plan to stop sending clients texts that they haven’t asked for or needed.

“I ask every one of you (TCRA & Telecoms) to find ways that would stop connecting people to service they haven’t asked for or needed. We have been receiving many complaints from the people,” – Nape Nnauye.

Hon Nape said that amongst many complaints he’s been receiving from the people, the biggest is about data bundle consumption. To mitigate the problem, Nape asked TCRA and telecoms to create a software or application to help clients monitor their data bundle consumption.

Vodacom Managing Director for Tanzania, Sitholizwe Mdlalose, said that his company would consider the government’s directives by collecting opinions from their clients and creating a viable way to address their problems.