Ndugai to ditch 2025 elections, here’s why.

Ndugai to ditch 2025 elections, here’s why.

Job Ndugai, a former Tanzania speaker, has declared to scrap his candidacy for the parliamentary seat in the next elections of 2025 in Kongwa constituent in the Dodoma region, Tanzania’s capital.

In Dodoma yesterday, at Saint Michael’s parish of Anglican Church, Mpwawa Diocese, during the special prayer, Ndugai made his statement not to run for the parliamentary seat in the imminent elections.

“In 2025, I will not contest for the seat in the parliament. I’m not doing this because I feel defeated, but I had this plan long ago, but we shall keep working together like we used to,” – said Ndugai

However, Ndugai never disclosed any further explanations about his decision not to contest for the seat in the next elections.

Ndugai resigned from this position in January 2022 as the speaker following a controversial bear-knuckle feud with President Samia after criticising the government’s borrowing trend, saying it was unhealthy.

At the terminus of the prayer, Ndugai had a chance to speak to the congression and made references to the holy scriptures that people should always strive to become independent in life, not panhandling. Ndugai pleaded to the clergy to help society understand that.

Priest Jacob Chimeledya reiterated that it is shameful for a country like Tanzania to still depend on donors to support its economy despite ample resources.

During the prayer that involved handling a car to the church that was bought by donation of the church members, the Dodoma RC, Hon Anthony Mtaka, was present and lauded all donated for the great job they have done for the church.

“We must all do things that will leave a mark on our past lives here on earth”, – added RC Mtaka.