Ndugai’s wife breaks the silence over her husband’s whereabout.

Ndugai’s wife breaks the silence over her husband’s whereabout.

The former speaker, Job Ndugai has disappeared from the public scene since he tendered his resignation on 6th January 2022 after his controversial remarks over the country’s debt that subsequently ended with a bare-knuckled brawl with President Samia. 

Ndugai’s absence from the public eye has sparked a lot of questions. Unprecedently, he hasn’t been spotted in ongoing Dodoma parliamentary sessions, government functions, even at his party’s events with his comrades. 

Job Ndugai, an incumbent Kongwa MP, his people, report him also to be missing at his constituent, neither at his residence nor his phone numbers reachable. 

In an interview conducted by Raia Mwema Newspaper with Parliament’s Secretary, Ms Nenelwa Mwihambi, the efforts to understand Ndugai’s whereabouts appeared more discreet after Ms Mwihambi confirmed that her office possesses no clue of Ndugai’s whereabouts.

In the quest to decode Ndugai’s location, journalists managed to find his wife, Ms Fatuma Mganga. Ms Fatuma, in an unpleasant tone, told the reporters not to bother knowing about her husband’s whereabouts since he’s perfectly doing fine and living his best life. 

Ms Fatuma, also the Dodoma Administrative Secretary, emphasized she wouldn’t have been at the office if her husband was sick, told the journalists. 

Efforts to find the former speaker did not end there; journalists reached Kogwas’s CCM secretary Ms Joyce Nkauganda via phone. Ms Nkaugala was called to confirm Ndugai’s presence in his constituent, but Joyce was also less cooperative and even hug-off the phone and disappeared online after a series of questions that she failed to answer. Until now, no one seems to have any clue about Ndugai’s location.