Opinion: Is President Samia muzzling Polepole?

Opinion: Is President Samia muzzling Polepole?

The Twitter republic call it the ‘State PDF’, specifically often referring to the state press releases on President’s government reshuffles and appointments.

Yesterday March 14, 2022, the statehouse released the ‘PDF; President Samia Suluhu Hassan made several appointments to various government posts and to state-run firms such as TTCL and NHC. Among all the changes President Hassan has made, the majority seem perplexed by the appointment of ex CCM secretary of ideology and publicity, Humphrey Polepole.

A flood of opinions has surged online about Polepole’s appointment. Some say it is the President’s stratagem to muzzle him since he’s been like a thorn on foot to President Hassan’s government and CCM. “There’s every reason to believe that Polepole’s appointment a way to silence him”, analysts say.

“It looks like President Samia is clearing her predecessor’s last leftovers.” – a comment online. Polepole has been a subtle defector of President Samia’s government since he was stripped off as CCM secretary of ideology and publicity. Polepole remained a thorn, lurking beneath feet of prolific figures within CCM and the government, making everyone uncomfortable by his constant touting of late Magufili’s policies that derail Samia’s vision.

Not so long to forget that unknown people in Dodoma raided Polepole’s residence in December 2021, subsequently followed by a ban of his Youtube channel that many believed, as his proxy platform to unleash attacks on President Samia’s government. These assertations back online opinions that his appointment to neighbouring Malawi is strategically muzzling him.

Prior to his current appointment as an ambassador, Polepole was a member of parliament appointed by the late Magufuli in 2020. However, His recent post has sparked legal controversies, some questioning presidential constitutional powers on appointing an MP to become an ambassador.

Others say Samia’s decision on Polepole is a long term plan to lay him off the political system as the President is constitutionally allowed to call him back home from Malawi and leave him to wander without any post. However, all these opinions will be valid with time. The key is patience.

Questions still linger whether Polepole will forsake his rebel calibre to President Samia’s government following his appointment. Another big question is, will the anti-vaxxer Polepole now agree to be inoculated to subscribe to his ambassador post to Malawi?

With time, people say the true intentions of President Samia on Polepole will come out whether the intention is to silence him or nurture him to other higher posts in the future.