Real Madrid Benzema found guilty of sex tape blackmail

Real Madrid Benzema found guilty of sex tape blackmail

Karim Benzema, a Real Madrid and France striker was found guilty of blackmailing a fellow French footballer with a sex tape.

Benzema alongside four others was put on trial last month over an attempt to extort money from Mathieu Valbuena in 2015.

At the camp, Benzema convinced Valbuena to pay the blackmailer whom he conspired with.

He has been denying the allegations since then saying he was trying to help Benzema get rid of the video.

The judge sentenced Benzema to a one-year suspended jail term and an $84, 000 fine.

His co-defendants were also found guilty and were sentenced ranging from 18 months suspended jail to two-and-a-half years in prison.

While delivering the verdict, the judge said Benzema “implicated himself personally, through subterfuge and lies to convince his teammate to submit to the blackmail.”

The verdict does not affect Benzema’s position at the France National Team or Real Madrid.