Seven days down: How to stick to your New Year’s resolutions

Seven days down: How to stick to your New Year’s resolutions

For many, January 1st seems to be a day to start a new chapter in your life, set goals for what to achieve in that year, and be better, although often many forget to follow up their resolutions.

2022 just started, it might feel like yesterday, but I should remind you that you have already chopped seven days out of the 52 weeks

With the holiday frenzy still on the air, you probably forgot to start tracking your resolutions. So how far are you with your new year’s resolutions? Are they realistic and attainable?

With 51 more weeks of about 358 days remaining, you can still make it work.

Make sure your new year’s resolutions touch essential areas of your life. Your new year goals should include your personal, career, spiritual, social, financial, family, and any other areas you want to focus on.

According to the YouGov survey, 35% of people who made resolutions managed to stick to their goals, while 50% managed to keep some of their resolutions. 

The survey shows positive changes are imposed in many people’s lives through this system even if they fail at some goals.

Setting goals for self-improvement puts you at a place where you hold yourself accountable for not following through with your plan, hence more chances of you working towards achieving them.

Time management is essential in achieving your new year’s resolutions. Set a time limit for each goal. By March 3rd, I should finish project A, or I will be drinking a cup of warm water every morning when I wake up, or I will exercise 5 days a week for 30 mins and not I want to drink much water this year, or I want to get fit this year without realistic goals on how everything will unfold.

Some goals will come up during the later stages of life, so be open to accommodating them. And some goals may seem unattainable. Be flexible enough to change your tactics in how you approach the goals.

Track your progress regularly to see how you are winning and where to invest more. Write down on paper or on your phone to remind yourself how close or how far you are from reaching those goals.

And do not forget to reward yourself for the great work you have done. Attach your goals with a reward. For example, when I reach this goal, I will treat myself with a one-night trip to Zanzibar, and then I start working towards the goal, knowing there will not be Zanzibar if that goal is unattained.

The reward system will cheer you up and encourage you to work harder on your goals. 

Sticking to your resolutions will not be a smooth nor comfortable process but will surely pay off in the end.