Stop these five habits for a better life.

Stop these five habits for a better life.

The way you live now, how you interact with others, your decision-making modality, and how you react and respond to situations may tell a lot about your background information, i.e. Tribe, culture, origin and others. 

One’s reputation in public is the end product of the day to day behaviours and decisions. What one does or decides may positively or negatively affect one’s life, thus may determine the kind of personality that would stick into people’s minds about you.

Your behaviour may harm you or others. These are the rough roll-out of behaviours that can stop you from living your best life.


It is one of the worst psychological problems can go through. While it may feel like overthinking is just something that happens in your head, it’s more than that. Overthinking can affect how you experience and engage with the world around you. Preventing you from making essential decisions keep you from enjoying the present moment and drains you of the energy you need to handle daily stressors.

How do you know you are overthinking;

  • Dwelling on the past event or situations
  • A second-guessing decision you’ve made
  • Reply your mistakes in your mind
  • Imagining the worst-case scenario or outcome 

Dopamine Addiction 

You’ve probably heard of dopamine as a “pleasure chemical” that’s been associated with addiction. Pleasure is something we all need in life. At the time, though, we can get too focused on it or on specific activities that feel pleasurable to us. They may get out of control and may even lead to addiction. This is because we can get hooked on the good feeling we’re flooded with when we conduct pleasurable activities.

Afraid to take risks and afraid to fail

Taking risks eliminates the possibility of looking back and asking, “What if?” even if you fail, one will walk away with more experience and knowledge that may help an individual become successful in the future. At least one study shows that risk takers end up more satisfied with their 

lives. If you fail to fail, you will hardly try anything new and fail to try; you will never be successful and happy in your life. 

Pleasing people 

What people think can put you in a rut. As long as you are not hurting anyone, don’t let the opinions of others drown you out. Don’t live trying to please everyone to your detriment; find out what you want from life and chase after it.

Not taking care of yourself

What you eat matters, what you wear matters, what you drink matters, physical activity matters. If you want to live long, then take good care of yourself. Knowing you have a bad habit isn’t enough; you must be willing to change it.