Tanzania-China Energy Partnership strengthened as Minister Makamba explores collaboration.

Tanzania-China Energy Partnership strengthened as Minister Makamba explores collaboration.

In a significant diplomatic move, the Minister of Energy in Tanzania, the Honourable January Makamba, embarked on an official visit to China in response to an invitation from China’s Minister of Energy, Dr Jianhua Zhang of the National Energy Administration. The visit, aimed at strengthening bilateral ties, witnessed fruitful discussions between Minister Makamba and his Chinese counterpart on enhancing cooperation in the energy sector.

During his stay in China, Minister Makamba seized the opportunity to tour the state-of-the-art factory of Dongfan Global, a prominent company manufacturing power generation equipment for the prestigious Julius Nyerere Hydroelectric Dam. This excursion allowed Minister Makamba to witness first-hand the advanced technologies employed in the production of these vital components.

Moreover, the Tanzania Energy Minister engaged in a highly informative interview with CGTN, a leading television station in Beijing. The interview shed light on the collaborative efforts between Tanzania and China in implementing renewable energy projects under the Belt and Road Energy Partnership. Minister Makamba highlighted China’s commitment to providing training opportunities for Tanzanian experts, equipping them with the necessary skills in renewable energy technology innovation and production. This joint endeavour is expected to bolster Tanzania’s capacity in the renewable energy sector significantly. Additionally, China expressed its willingness to cooperate with Tanzania in exploring and developing natural gas energy projects, further enhancing the countries’ energy collaboration.

One of the pivotal moments during the discussions was China’s expression of interest, through the China Africa Development Fund (CADFUND), in investing in Tanzania’s energy sector in partnership with both Chinese and Tanzanian companies. The announcement was made during a meeting between Minister Makamba and Mr Song Lei, Chairman of CADFUND, in Beijing. CADFUND, established by the Chinese government with a staggering capital of USD 15 billion, is dedicated to investing in projects across Africa.

The visit of Minister Makamba to China and the subsequent discussions exemplify the growing bilateral relationship between Tanzania and China, particularly in the energy field. The collaboration forged during this visit sets the stage for increased investments, knowledge sharing, and technological advancements in renewable energy and natural gas projects. As Tanzania strives to meet its energy demands and enhance its energy infrastructure, the partnership with China is poised to play a pivotal role in achieving these objectives.

The visit, widely regarded as a positive step towards strengthening the energy cooperation between the two nations, showcases Tanzania’s commitment to harnessing its energy potential while leveraging China’s expertise and resources. The outcomes of this visit are likely to have a lasting impact on Tanzania’s energy landscape, contributing to its sustainable development goals and further solidifying the bonds of friendship between the two countries.