Tanzania-Dubai Collaboration to Elevate Dar es Salaam Port’s Global Standing.

Tanzania-Dubai Collaboration to Elevate Dar es Salaam Port’s Global Standing.

Exciting prospects lie ahead as the Tanzanian Parliament gears up to discuss and endorse the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between Tanzania and Dubai for the development of Dar es Salaam Port. This revelation, brought to light by The Citizen, marks the beginning of a new chapter in the collaboration between the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) and DP World, a renowned multinational logistics company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

As part of this agreement, DP World, known for its commitment to eliminating trade barriers and fostering a conducive trade ecosystem, will be entrusted with the management of berths five to seven at the port. Works and Transport Minister Makame Mbarawa confirmed this allocation, emphasizing that the government envisions a remarkable 233.7 per cent increase in revenue collection through the port over the next decade.

Prof. Mbarawa expressed the government’s objective to raise the current annual revenue collection of Sh7.79 trillion to Sh26 trillion within the next ten years. The partnership with DP World is expected to bolster the competitiveness of Dar es Salaam Port by enhancing service quality and operational efficiency, thereby attracting more businesses and contributing to Tanzania’s overall economic development.

Private sector investment in the Port of Dar es Salaam is regarded as a potential game-changer due to the existing inefficiencies affecting end customers and escalating costs. Prof. Mbarawa underscored the government’s unwavering decision to collaborate with DP World, highlighting the company’s global logistics expertise and ability to drive comprehensive transformation throughout the logistics value chain. With over two decades of experience in managing, operating, and investing in trade infrastructure in Africa, DP World has earned a reputation for adhering to the highest international standards.

Stakeholders, including Tanzania Shipping Agents Association (Tasaa) chairman Daniel Malongo and Tanzania Freight Forwarders Association (Taffa) president Edward Urio, expressed their confidence in DP World’s capabilities and commended the company’s mechanization of handling equipment, operational systems, and revenue collection processes. The transparency embedded in DP World’s operations is seen as a crucial element that prevents revenue leakage, safeguarding Tanzania’s financial interests.

The involvement of the private sector is expected to enhance connectivity and facilitate the expansion and modernization of port facilities. Stakeholders anticipate the development of new terminals, refurbishing existing ones, and introducing additional services such as warehousing, logistics, and ship repair. This transformation holds the potential to create new job opportunities, drive revenue growth, and attract more businesses to the port, thereby stimulating economic diversification by drawing new sectors and enterprises.

DP World’s investment in Tanzania will pave the way for the modernization of Dar es Salaam Port’s infrastructure, encompassing equipment upgrades, process improvements, and advanced systems implementation. The company’s recent statement emphasizes its commitment to elevating operations to world-class productivity levels through the application of modern technologies. DP World aims to enhance business efficiency, visibility, and transparency while expediting cargo transit across Tanzania’s ports, Inland Container Depots, and borders.

As Parliament prepares to deliberate on and approve the Intergovernmental Agreement, the future of Dar es Salaam Port looks promising. The partnership with DP World has the potential to revolutionize the port’s performance, bolster trade flows, and contribute significantly to Tanzania’s economic growth and development.