Tanzania, Morocco to finalise talks on fertiliser facility

Tanzania, Morocco to finalise talks on fertiliser facility

Tanzania and Morocco are set to finalize their talks next week for the construction of a fertilizer blending facility to be established at Kisarawe, Coastal Region.

The discussion about that goal started way back in 2016. Progress has been slow until recently when President Samia Suluhu Hassan visited Senegal, where she also met with and held discussions with Moroccan delegates.

During the meeting, they talked about promoting the agriculture sector in both countries, as the Moroccan ambassador to Tanzania, Zakaria El Goumiri, said yesterday.

He said the facility will help Tanzanian farmers produce healthy crops that are suitable for local and foreign markets.

“Tanzania has plenty of lands, while Morocco is well known for its fertilizer. Once we set up a blending facility, both countries will increase food security. As soon as the company is established, there will be a lot of appetite from Morocco and other foreign countries to invest in Tanzania,” he told journalists.

Mr. Zakaria El Goumiri called a press conference to brief on the bilateral relations between Tanzania and Morocco and how both countries can benefit from the existing relations.

According to him, since President Hassan held talks with the officials from Morocco, a number of Moroccan companies and individuals have been eager to establish their companies in Tanzania.

He said that Tanzania will also open doors for sisal fibers, and there will be a lot of financial transactions between the two countries.

Tanzania and other African countries can also sell papaya and mangoes to Morocco.

He hinted that they were also planning to start providing training to local farmers in Zanzibar and in Tanzania mainland to unlock the potential of land and help them to plant best crops so that they can benefit from the factor.

Tanzania Fertilizer Company (TFC) general manager, Mr Samuel Mshote, told reporters that they were currently finalising the process to get a title deed.

“As soon as we get the title deed, construction will start immediately. The construction of a facility on the 15-hectare land will help solve soil health problems,” he said.