Tanzania’s Coffee Sector Flourishes with Innovative Training Program.

Tanzania’s Coffee Sector Flourishes with Innovative Training Program.

In a groundbreaking move, Tanzania’s coffee industry experiences a rejuvenation with the launch of the ‘Tanzania National Coffee Sustainability’ curriculum. Designed in collaboration with key stakeholders, including the Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB) and the Tanzania Coffee Association (TCA), this program aims to equip agricultural extension officers with specialized knowledge in coffee production.

The curriculum’s inauguration, led by Agriculture Minister Mr. Hussein Bashe, marks a significant step towards strengthening extension services for smallholder coffee farmers. Under the expert guidance of Café Africa, the curriculum empowers extension officers to provide tailored education on coffee cultivation, thereby supporting the growth of the coffee sector.

Mr. Samora Mnyaonga, Café Africa’s Operations Manager, emphasized the curriculum’s pivotal role in elevating productivity and coffee quality, ultimately improving the livelihoods of farmers. The comprehensive approach incorporates insights from diverse coffee stakeholders, fostering a balanced understanding of industry changes and needs.

TCB Director General, Primus Kimaryo, lauded the curriculum as a definitive guide that will propel Tanzania towards its ambitious goal of producing 300,000 tons of coffee by 2025. With public and private sector extension officers targeted for training nationwide, the curriculum promises to create a more sustainable and vibrant coffee sector.

The ongoing implementation of the curriculum is reinforced by the support of the Global Coffee Platform, an organization committed to collaborating with Tanzanian stakeholders to achieve lasting success in the coffee industry.

As the coffee industry gains momentum, this transformative curriculum heralds a new chapter for Tanzania, fortifying its position in the global coffee market and paving the way for a thriving and sustainable coffee future.