Tanzania’s High court clears the way for DP World port investment

Tanzania’s High court clears the way for DP World port investment
  • Landmark Decision Dismisses Legal Challenge Against Tanzania’s Port Investment Deal.

In a significant legal ruling today, August 10, 2023, the High Court of the Mbeya region in Tanzania has dismissed a case that contested the implementation of an investment agreement between the government of the United Republic of Tanzania and DP World, a company based in Emirates Dubai.

The outcome of this case had been eagerly awaited, particularly among Tanzanians, as the matter of investment in the country’s ports by DP World had been shrouded in uncertainty since June of this year following a resolution passed by the Tanzanian Parliament.

The lawsuit, initiated by four plaintiffs, alleged that the agreement contravened constitutional principles.

Delivering the judgment, Judge Dastan Ndunguru stated that after a three-judge panel had heard arguments from both sides, the court had determined that none of the six arguments held merit. As a result, the court declared that the Investment and Government Agreement (IGA) was legally sound and could proceed without hindrance.

Speaking with a sense of deep disappointment in front of reporters, one of the plaintiffs, lawyer Bonifasi Mwabukusi, expressed their intention to appeal the court’s decision, disagreeing vehemently with the verdict.