TCRA warns unethical content in advertising media

TCRA warns unethical content in advertising media

The content committee of the Tanzania Communications Authority (TCRA) has warned Broadcasting agencies in the country to focus on ethical broadcasting to protect society from inappropriate content.

The Committee’s statement issued on August 29, 2022, explained that, in recent days, some social media users have been warning about the presence of television content on children’s programs that are against the Law, Broadcasting Regulations, Ethics and Advertising restrictions in the country.

In its explanation, the Committee explained that the investigation revealed the absence of inappropriate information through the said programs and added, “TCRA would like to assure the public that all programs of content broadcasted by broadcasting media in this country are first checked and also monitored to satisfy themselves that they comply with the Law, Regulations, Morals and Culture of a Tanzanian,” explained part of the statement.

The statement added that the Communications Authority has satisfied that no media outlet broadcasts inappropriate content for children. However, TCRA reminds all broadcasting agencies to continue to comply with the requirements of the Law, Regulations and Broadcasting License Conditions by ensuring that their stations do not go against Tanzanian values.

“In addition, TCRA continues to emphasize that the responsibility to protect children from inappropriate content, especially on social networks, belongs to all of us, starting with parents, guardians and schools where our children spend a lot of time studying,” added the statement.

TCRA also advises the community not to spread messages on social media that cause panic, distortion and fear. Legal severe action will be taken against all those distributing such messages. TCRA closely monitors the content posted online. For anyone posting and spreading misleading information online, serious legal action will be taken against him.

The Content Committee of the Tanzania Communications Authority (TCRA) has managed all the content broadcasted by broadcasting stations and electronic networks.