“They are planning to kill me”, claims Makonda

“They are planning to kill me”, claims Makonda

The former Dar es Salaam regional commissioner, Mr Paul Makonda, has posted through his Instagram page that he is suspicious of five groups planning to Kill him. 

Makonda claimed those groups to be;

  1. Drug dealers
  2. Drug beneficiaries 
  3. Gays 
  4. There are those spending nights hunting to kill me for revenge because of Dr Magufuli and,
  5. Those who have been at the highest ranks of ………………….. (Makonda didn’t mention)

Makonda did not mention the last group hunting for his soul, but it seems he meant people from high government posts that Makonda noted to be aware of their plans to kill him or frame him with economic sabotage case. 

Then Makonda posed two questions that show he does not deserve all that going on in his life right now. 

First: “All the good work I have done for my party and my government and the people of Dar, is this what they pay me?”

Second: “When you are the loyal serval and fight for the rights of the disadvantaged while coming from a poor family, is this what you get in return?” Makonda asked.

Makonda continued, “I was a person who built schools, CCM offices, hospitals, teachers’ offices, police stations, treated patients free of charge and linked my government with religious institutions, and today it looks I deserve to be hung”… 

“I know there are groups online paid to manipulate people’s minds, and for propaganda against that the day I’m seized, it becomes a normal incidence. I believe one day, the disabled, orphans and parents protecting their children from drugs, their voices will be heard”… Makonda closed with a Swahili proverb, “When you see the water at rest, the depth is high”…