Things to do before buying a used car

Things to do before buying a used car

Buying a second-hand car is a smart financial move but could be detrimental if you get too impulsive.

There is a reason why one would want to sell their cars, and you need to have all the intel to pick one in mint condition.

Do your research

Find out the type of car you want, its features, and its capacity. Check the boxes whether it fits into the scope of what you want until you get one you are comfortable with.


Set your budget and stick to it. Do not buy an expensive car and a high maintenance car that you cannot afford to service timely. Do not let the salesman persuade you into adding extra money to get another vehicle unless it is really worth it and within your means.


This includes your lifestyle and the uses of that car. You live in Dar es Salaam, maybe 6km from your workplace and no family or not really travelling yet you get yourself Toyota V8, is it practical? Or you have a family, and you go buy an Aston Martin Vantage. 

Affording it is one thing, and practicality is another. Make wise decisions.

Run a history check

Before getting that, get the car’s history in case of any worrisome events it has gone through, its mileage, previous ownership, and accident reports. It might tell you what the vehicle was used for, either personal or business.

Test drive

Are you comfortable while driving? How is it driving on the highway, rough road, or up and down a hill? Satisfied, check the box, not happy, move to plan B.

Get it inspected

Get a trustworthy mechanic to inspect the car before you make a decision. You do not want to take a melon to your house and visit the mechanic every few days. Is everything okay? Does it need a fix? If not in a mint condition, walk away.


One place many go wrong is car insurance. You want a car, but you are not ready to insure it or get the cheapest cover on the list. You do not know whether or not you will get into an accident, and you do not know when exactly. The better insurance cover you choose, the fewer worries you will have when you get into an accident or theft.

Why not about the comprehensive insurance cover. Expensive but worth it for the money you are putting in.

Do not be hasty

Do not get the car on the same day you visit the dealership. Get all the information you want and go digest it. Weigh it check other better options as well, visit other dealerships if you can, and then go back and get the car once you are delighted with your choice.