Thriving economically amidst COVID – 19

Thriving economically amidst COVID – 19

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected many economies around the world with millennials and ‘Gen Z’ mainly affected despite being exposed to technology advancement in essential areas for running a business/ company.

Responding to the damage done by the virus, lockdowns were implemented in most countries with offices closed temporarily and some permanently, leaving many unemployed. Most businesses that survived and still survive the pandemic are those that opted to move most of their works online while others were created amidst the pandemic.

Digital literacy is the new trend for surviving the pandemic for business owners, companies, organisations and employees as new skills are being cultivated and a flood of online retailing businesses and services are being launched to adapt the existing situation.

The United Nations reveals that, currently the world has the youngest population ever, with the majority ranging between 18 – 40 years old clustered as Millennials (1981 – 1996) and Generation Z (1997 – 2012). During this era of rampant technological advancement, millennials and Gen Z have the upper hand.

Compared to older generations, it is easy for these two generations to adapt to working away from the office, from virtual meetings, online paperwork submission and other projects, online customer services as they have been exposed to the internet from a younger age.

As jobs are scarce in the mid of COVID pandemic, here are some ideas that could help you earn some cash;

Online tutoring
If you are good at a certain subject, this might be an opportunity for you to teach others and earn some cash. For teachers as well, this could be the time to have online classes as the pandemic has forced students to be up to date with meeting platforms like Zoom and Skype.

Media is a forever growing space and always in need of news. This is the perfect time for unemployed journalists to write for that newspaper/ magazine/ blog and ask to freelance for them and get money per story.

Learn a new skill
Learn something new or hone an existing skill, a skill you can use to make more money. For example, you have been baking for a long time but you don’t know how to decorate cakes, this is the perfect time to get a teacher or teach yourself how to decorate cakes and start selling cakes in your community.

Become a YouTuber
It might take longer than thought to start earning good money, but once you have a great content, it will become easier to attract subscribers and viewers and YouTube will start paying you. Make the video short and interesting.

Open an online shop
Instagram and websites have now become the new online shops. Let people know about your business and what you offer. Let them find you online, contact you and start earning money from there. You can also offer delivery services at a lower cost or for free.

COVID-19 but has been here for longer than expected with new variants from time to time. It is better for us to also change our minds and find ways to economically survive the pandemic.