Tourism in Tanzania Thrives: Visitor Numbers Soar by Nearly 50% in Q1 2023.

Tourism in Tanzania Thrives: Visitor Numbers Soar by Nearly 50% in Q1 2023.

Tourism in Tanzania experienced a significant boost in the first quarter of this year, marked by a substantial 49.8 per cent surge in the number of visitors to the country’s national parks, reaching a total of 477,501.

This surge can be attributed to many countries’ relaxation of travel restrictions and intensified efforts to promote tourism, including the impact of the Royal Tour documentary.

According to the Consolidated Zonal Economic Performance Report for the quarter ending in March 2023, the total earnings from tourism, which include entry fees, concessions, camping fees, and other charges, also saw a substantial increase of 36.7 per cent, reaching a total of 106.7 billion Tanzanian Shillings.

The report highlights that all zones in Tanzania recorded a notable increase in both the number of visitors to national parks and earnings, except for the Southern Highlands zone.

The Northern zone, in particular, continued to dominate the tourism landscape, with an impressive 78.0 per cent share of visitors and 55.7 per cent of total earnings.

In a similar trend, museums across all zones also saw a rise in the number of visitors, experiencing a 20.4 per cent increase, totalling 16,080 visitors. This surge in museum visitors translated into a 30.1 per cent increase in earnings, amounting to 143.6 million Tanzanian Shillings, compared to the figures recorded in the same quarter in 2022.

The positive momentum in Tanzania’s tourism sector during this quarter underscores the potential for further growth and economic benefits as the country continues to welcome international travellers and invest in promoting its diverse natural attractions and cultural heritage.