Wife file a case against her husband for raping their helper

Wife file a case against her husband for raping their helper

A Mwanza resident opened a case against her husband who is now charged with raping their house helper.

The victim who wished to remain anonymous told Habari Leo that when the wife was rushing for the 7 am mass one Sunday morning, the husband could not go as he said he had to work on something but dropped off his wife at church.

The victim (16) was busy washing dishes on the other side of the house, not knowing her boss had come back, she finished washing the dishes and went to her room and found her boss inside holding a knife warning her to not make a sound.

He then forced himself on her and warned her not to say anything or he would kill her. She could not stay quiet and told his wife as soon as she came back. The female boss took her to the police and then to the hospital and confirmed that she was raped.

“Madam also attends court every day and said she would testify,” explained the girl.

Demetila Faustine from Wote Sawa where the victim currently resides describes the woman as a very kind person for helping her house helper, something that most women would not do.

Some Non- Government Organisations dealing with gender issues have come forward calling for courts to act quickly on such cases as most people who do not report are the ones from disadvantaged families who do not have the financial means to go to the court back and forth. 

The incident happened in May this year and the case is still in court.