World’s most expensive foods

World’s most expensive foods

Food is one of the three basic needs of any human being. The quality, quantity, taste, serving style, and origin of the food are a few things people take into consideration when thinking about what they are going to eat next.

For those who consider quality over quantity and who generally want to experiment with food, here is a list of foods with ridiculously high prices.

Almas caviar

This is the world’s most expensive food. High chances it is not served at that most expensive restaurant you go to. Sounds bourgie but these are simply fish eggs. The Almas Caviar nicknamed ‘black gold’ comes from Iranian Beluga fish. 1kg of this caviar is regularly sold at USD 34,500 ~TSH 79,453,500.

Edible gold

That’s right, it is gold processed to be edible. This expensive treat just like calcium and iron is a mineral safe to eat and safe, although it has no nutritional value for the human body.

If it is too heavy to wear, eat it at $15,000 ~ TSH 34,545,000 for a pound (453.59 grams).


The world’s most expensive spice is also known as ‘red gold’ as its price is higher than that of gold. The spice is harvested from a Crocus sativus flower and is used for cooking, medicine, and cosmetics. An acre of Crocus sativus flowers produces about 1.8kg of saffron which is also handpicked, hence its expensive price.   A kilogram of saffron is estimated to cost around $10,000 ~TSH 23030000

Set of dry saffron spice and fresh saffron flowers

White truffle

The fungi spice gained popularity due to its rare flavour and smell. 453.59 grams of white truffle could cost up to $1,286 ~ 2,951,207. Every year, a world-class auction is held at the white truffle fair in Alba. In 2010 Stanley Ho, owner of a casino matched his record by buying two 900g and 400g white truffles for $330,000 ~ 757,027,625

Ayam Cemani Chicken 

This Indonesian all-black chicken is believed to be a good luck charm and magical. It is also used for traditional medicine preparation.

A pair of this melanated breed costs $5,000 meaning one is $2,500 ~ TSH 5,735,057

Which one of these are you willing to try and what is the most expensive food you have ever had?