7 tips for anti-aging and glowing skin

7 tips for anti-aging and glowing skin

Appearing older than your actual age may be an advantage for youths who want to get access to a club that has age restriction. But looking younger than your age gets you to prove your age all the time.

Although both have advantages, looking younger and energetic even at an old age wins the trophy. One of the reasons for 100K plus views on skincare routine is because we somehow don’t want to look our age.

We are all gonna grow old but with a style, Yes! With a style but it should cost you a hand and a half and just remember too much chemical on your beautiful skin will also ruin it and well wrinkles ain’t that far either.

Asians are said to age like fine wine, not all of them but most, and even countries with high life expectancy rates are from Asia.

Not saying they don’t use cream, butter, serums and all other other beauty products but they also have the greatest natural skincare methods that actually works better than some of the chemicals you are using and save you some cash.

Their youthful looks have been attached to genetics but also their lifestyles and skincare routines and the latter is what this piece touches on.

Rice water
In many Japanese and Korean skincare products, you will find rice water as one of the ingredients. MDPI did research which proved that rice water in its raw form has antioxidants, anti- aging components and naturally lightens skin. So don’t throw away that water after washing your rice, apply it to your body too.

Lemongrass and Green tea
The common herbs in many African families have a lot of benefits, but maybe their power is underrated. Eating healthy radiates in your looks as well and lemongrass tea is a detoxifier that will promote radiant skin and improve your digestion.

Drinking green tea prevents your skin from damaging UV rays and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.

Castor oil
The oil does wonders for your hair and edges but also for your skin. It has antioxidants that soothes skin and delays wrinkles. It is said to work better when used early in adulthood.

Drink enough water

Drinking water does a lot for the body from inside out. Keep your skin hydrated. Water = hydrated skin equals to a beautiful skin. People hear about this all the time and think it is a joke but, try it first and come give us a testimony.

Adzuki beans
These red beans are grounded and mixed with a bit of water and oils and are used as a scrub. It soothes your skin and removes blemishes.

Get yourself a few herbs, even the ones we mentioned above, or water alone, pour in a big enough bowl. Cover your head with a towl and steam your face. It cleans the skin, open pores and keeps it fresh giving it a youthful look.

Vitamin C
You have heard this multiple times and I’m gonna say it to you as well. Vitamin C helps to tone your skin. It gives you a clearer skin, soft and shiny. Eat fruits especially citruses and watch as your skin glows and your hair thickens.