73 licenses issued for bushmeat butchers in 16 regions , wishing to register one?

73 licenses issued for bushmeat butchers in 16 regions , wishing to register one?

In October 2019, while on tour at Rubondo Island in Lake Victoria in the Mwanza region, the late President Magufuli directed wildlife authorities to set up special bushmeat stores so people could benefit from the natural resources available in the country. 

In 2020, the first bushmeat butchery was opened in Dodoma, with authorities insisting on strengthening measures to curb poaching. Since then, 73 licenses have been issued to butchers in Tanzania mainland.

Tanzania Wildlife Authorities (TAWA) confirms that the bushmeat butchery licenses were only issued to 16 regions after receiving more than 66 applications, and after an investigation, only 39 qualified. 

The Bushmeat butchers were established by the President’s [Magufuli] decree on October 10, 2019. After that, TAWA laid down the framework for bushmeat butchers that were opened on February 7, 2020, through the government’s advert number 84 of 2020.

TAWA has listed 18 types of wild beasts and their hunting prices. Check the list of a few prices below;

  1. Zebra – 300,000 Tanzanians – 600,000 foreigners
  2. Buffalo – 200,000 Tanzanians – 400,000 foreigners 
  3. Antelope – 50,000 Tanzanians – 100,000 foreigners continue

Regarding the licensing process, Kalokole said the Conservation Commissioner should acknowledge receipt of applications from applicants within 14 days and submit them to the Wildlife Breed Advisory Committee for analysis per the criteria set out in the wildlife regulations.

Within 14 working days, the Conservation Commissioner will decide and notify applicants in writing whether their application has been approved or rejected for with relevant reasons. If they issue a certificate, it will be valid for five years.

However, TAWA is not directly responsible for providing guide prices for butcher owners based on the cost of locating wildlife in their natural habitat and hunting equipment. Butchers registration fee Tsh. 250,000 and trophy ownership license fee Tsh. 50,000 per applicant.