Abramovich could lose Chelsea ownership over Russia’s Ukraine invasion

Abramovich could lose Chelsea ownership over Russia’s Ukraine invasion

As the situation in Ukraine seems to be getting out of hand due to what nations called the reckless invasion of Russia in Ukraine, the crisis has brought up new arguments that Chelse Football Club owner, a Russian billionaire, should be stripped from the Club’s ownership.

Roman Abromovich became an outright owner of the Club in 2003; since then, Chelsea has become one of the successful clubs in Europe. 

The Russian billionaire made his fortune from oil and gas; reports say he’s close confident of the de facto rule of Russia, President Vladimir Putin. 

The escalating war within Ukraine’s jurisdiction has intensified scrutiny around Abramovich’s enormous wealth and his relationship with Putin. 

Last month in January, the subscription-based sports website, The Athletic reported that Chelsea owes Abramovich $2 billion, while the billionaire’s net worth is around $15 billion, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Christ Bryant, the Labour MP, exert too much pressure on the Parliament to kick Abramovich out of Chelse and England. The MP advised UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take more punitive actions against Abramovich, like seizing his asserts, including Chelsea and his London-based Investment company, Millhouse LLC. 

According to Mr Christ Bryant, UK’s home affairs possess documents of 2019 that bar Abramovich from living in the UK. His 15-bedroom mansion, just behind Kensington Palace, and other UK properties, have been estimated to be worth more than $250 million. 

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Abramovich had already faced sanctions from the UK, but the latest pact of sanctions against Russia does not involve Roman. 

In 2018 Roman Abramovich had plans to build a $1 billion stadium but shredded the project when he was denied entry by the UK authority. Abramovich’s oil wealth has been under severe scrutiny for years. He decided to exit his application for a UK investor visa amid mounting criticism.