CAF poses a hefty disciplinary action against Tanzania’s teams

CAF poses a hefty disciplinary action against Tanzania’s teams

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) disciplinary board has requested for the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) to adhere to CAF regulations during international matches following misconduct complains filed by other teams.

The warning was imposed to Tanzania’s numerous teams who have been reported to have broken a number of regulations during the home matches including having a crowd above the authorized limit, and other ill behaviors in the dressing rooms.

On the other hand, the Young Africans Club (Yanga) is compelled to pay a fine of $5,000 ~ Tsh 11,500,000 for allowing a crowd to enter the stadium during a match against Rivers United (Nigeria) which was supposed to be a closed match.

CAF has stated that they sent the complaint to Yanga through TFF with no response.

TFF has released a statement warning all the teams involved in the international games to behave and follow the regulations. TFF has also stated that it had sent the Rivers United complaint to Yanga who remained quiet on the issue.

Seven other disciplinary actions were taken against various teams, players and coaches including; suspending Vianney roby N’na ango of Bouenguidi Sports (Gabon) for 12 months from all CAF competitions for attacking a referee during a match with Salitas FC (Burkina Faso).

A fine of $5,000 has been imposed on DRC national team for forfeiting a match 45 days before the final competition without providing reasons.

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