Facebook shutdown: What are the alternatives?

Facebook shutdown: What are the alternatives?

Early 2021, millions of people started looking for other social media platforms trying to run away from WhatsApp, a Facebook App.

This was after WhatsApp updated their privacy policy of its data being linked to Facebook. Nearly two million people moved to Telegram which appeared to be a much better App when it comes to privacy.

October 4th,2021 was not different as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook collapsed completely all over the world leaving users with less options of what Apps to go to considering these are among the top 5 most used Applications in 2021, according to datareportal.

The incident might resurface in the future and well we have to stay prepared. So, what other social media platforms are out there for you to use apart from the Zuckerberg pack? To name a few;

The big brother who pulled through for his siblings when parents are fighting. Twitter is a great public platform for engagements and socialising. Unlike other applications, twitter does not sense user content. People can tweet, retweet each other’s content, share videos and deep caps.

The platform is also faster compared to other platforms as you do not need to use pictures or write long paragraphs. You can always get information quickly, engage and express your thoughts as well.

As Facebook was busy dealing with the shutdown, WhatsApp became the number one trending news on twitter with over 6M tweets.

The picture-oriented platform could be Instagram’s long-lost busy sister with beauty and brain but less time for gossip. This app allows you to look for ideas of things you would like to try, takes you straight to the websites where you can read more on those ideas from fashion, financial issues, home décor, news, food, health and so much more. The App allows you to create your own boards of things you would like to save and use later on with just no back-to-back gossip comments.

Yes, it did gain nearly two million new users earlier between January and February this year when WhatsApp updated its privacy policy. The App is considered to be well encrypted for the safety of your data.

It is a great social app with animated stickers and other cool nature features. Unlike other Apps, Telegram allows you to set a self-destruct time for your account when not used for a specific period of time.

At the time telegram was gaining momentum, Signal was also climbing up. Signal is another private application when it comes to conversations between people. Signal does not collect data from its users to avoid falling into a quid pro quo with any government or institution.

This is another App that has recently come to light. Earlier this year it was only available on iOS but now it’s available for android phones as well. To simply explain, the audio-based platform is simply put a live online radio with no pause, rewind, forward or record button and a variety of topics to listen or engage.

It allows users to create a session or group and schedule topics. And hosts can always give listeners joining the room a chance to comment on the topic but once it is done it is done and gone making it safer for those who want to take part but do not want to keep records.

Within six hours of Facebook shutting down, its Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg lost about $6 billion taking him down to the 6th richest man in the world from being the 5th.

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