FBI rescues Bush Jr from assassination, US says

FBI rescues Bush Jr from assassination, US says

The US government has said that the FBI has identified the plot to assassinate the former US President, George Bush Jr, organized by one of the Islamic State Members.

The culprit suspected of the plot is now held in custody and expected to face trial on Tuesday next week.

According to court documents, the suspect, identified as Shihab Ahmed Shihab, 52 – is an Iraqi citizen who has been in the United States since 2020 and had his asylum application ensconced.

In talks with an FBI source, Shihab said he wanted to kill Bush by “killing many Iraqis” and “dividing” Iraq.

He added that he hoped to participate in the operation “and did not care if he died, as he would be proud to be involved”.

Shihab is also suspected of smuggling immigrants to the US who are presumed to be members of the Islamic State Group.

In one incident, Shihab and one of the reporters went to Dallas, Texas, to take a video of Bush’s residence with the George W. Bush Institute.

In March 2022, he was accused of holding a rally in a Columbus, Ohio, hotel room to check for weapons and forged police uniforms.

He now faces up to 10 years in prison for trying to smuggle a person into the United States and another 20 for supporting the assassination attempt on a former US official.