So why do men never forgive when they catch a cheating partner?

So why do men never forgive when they catch a cheating partner?

Men are famed for being unforgiving when they discover their partners cheating. And this is quite ironic, given how men are still believed to be the worse cheats of both genders.

It needs to be said that women cheat, too. And there seems to be an increase nowadays in the number of cheating women.

But the primary thing that separates a cheating man and a woman is the ability of the latter to cover her tracks. Women have come to be known as great concealers of their tracks.

Word on the street is that you will never know when a woman is cheating.

But whether you are a man or woman, discreet and careless, everyone cheats risks being caught at one point or another. That risk can only be reduced; it never goes away.

So why do men never forgive when they catch a cheating partner?

Because they simply can’t live with the reality of another man being with [or in] their woman.

Amaka Nicholas says in her column “Amaka’s Diary,” published in The Sun in March 2018, that:

An average Nigerian man sees forgiving a cheating wife as a weakness.

“It doesn’t matter if his behaviour pushed her into it or it was just a moment of weakness.

“To a man, infidelity questions his sexual prowess, an offence against his manhood, threatens his masculinity and affects the core of his identity.

“Men react negatively to their wives’ infidelity because the sexual component of the affair is very important.

 Just the image of another man thrusting his woman in her favourite position and she moaning in ecstasy drives him nuts.”

Another reason why men refuse to forgive cheating is because they are rarely ever prepared to be cheated on. They’re usually shocked when they find that a babe or wife has been cheating on them.

This is unlike women, many of whom believe in the possibility that their man might cheat. So, many aren’t so surprised when it happens. For them, it’s only a confirmation of a fear they’ve always nursed.