Gharib’s lawyer challenges Makonda to reveal documents justifying his land claim at Kinondoni.

Gharib’s lawyer challenges Makonda to reveal documents justifying his land claim at Kinondoni.

After a video circulated online this week showing the former Dar es Salaam regional commissioner Paul Makonda claiming the land owned by Mr Gharib, that is his, Mr Gharib’s lawyer came out with a statement testifying his client’s ownership of the land.

Advocate Alex Mgongolwa, Mr Gharib’s lawyer, said that plot number 60, located at Regent estate in Kinondoni, is legally owned by his client, Mr Gharib.

Advocate Mgongolwa took press today, on March 12, 2022, in Dar es Salaam where he displayed all valid credentials testifying his client’s ownership of the plot while demanding a person who never mentioned his name to reveal documents to support claims of his ownership.

Reporters tried to check Makond for his word after the press, never did he pick up the phone but instead responded via Whatsapp message saying, “GSM don’t force me to reveal your dirty businesses, leave my properties.”

Makonda continued to throw blows on his Instagram page; a move looks like he’s targetting Mr Gharib. Makonda replied to Shaka Hamdu Shaka, CCM’s secretary for ideology and publicity post, expressing the need to investigate the police force in Tanzania following a series of pubic’s lamentations.

“I concur with the idea to investigate actions of some police officers who taint the reputation of our police force for the sake of protecting businessmen who steal people’s properties. I urge to start with Dar es Salaam, I, Paul Makonda I’m ready to cooperate”. Makonda’s reply to Shaka’s Instagram post.

GSM claims

  • According to advocate Mgongolwa, his client, Mr Gharib, bought plot No: 60 tittle number 186153/60 in Kinondoni district at Regent estate on November 1, 2006, purposely to build his residence.
  • In September 2007, his client signed a contract with a construction company named Group Six Internation for construction valuing Tsh. 640 million.
  • Kinondoni Municipal issued a building permit to Mr Gharib on October 16, 2017. The permit’s reference number is 00020032.
  • After the building permit was issued, his client paid an advance (Tsh. 51.92) to initiate the construction on January 31, 2018.

“I today, before you, prove the ownership of my client over the property”, – said advocate Mgongolwa.

Mgongolwa then emphasized that whoever claim or possess documents negating theirs, the door is open.

“Our further actions will solely depend on the coming events. If it need be going to the court, then we are ready. If it is to take it to other levels, then we will do, our obligation is to protect our client’s rights and his name too,” – finished advocate Mgongolwa.