HealthTips: This is why you should NOT shave all of your public hair

HealthTips: This is why you should NOT shave all of your public hair

Shaving off all your pubic hair has some adverse consequences. Most 

People want to take off all their pubic hair because it makes them comfortable with their sex partners and social conventions, or they feel it is cleaner that way.

But shaving your pubic hair might not be such a good thing.

Here is why you should not shave all of your public hair

It irritates the public hair

Doctor Emilly Gibson is against the idea of shaving all public hair, saying it leaves microscopic open wounds. 

When there are wounds in that area, bacteria will grow and multiply because it is a naturally moist area and a perfect culture.


Pubic hair protects the vagina from dirt and pathogens in the environment; that is why humans evolved with hair in their pubic region. The sebum the hair follicle produces helps to protect the pubic area.

Public hair makes sex better.

I know a shaved pubic area is visually attractive, but it does not make sex better.

It might give scars and abrasions from skin-to-skin contact. Pubic hair is known as a dry lubricant.

If you must shave, then follow the following instructions;

  • Disinfect the shaving stick.
  • Wash the pubic area first
  • Always make sure the area is wet.
  • Use a mirror to see what you are doing, and don’t cut yourself.
  • Moisturize after you are done.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes after shaving.