Husband surrenders wife’s mojo bag at District offices

Husband surrenders wife’s mojo bag at District offices

A resident of Masweya village in Ikungi District out of fear and shock, took all of his wife’s witchcraft tools to district offices after finding them hidden under the bed.

The village Chairman, David Hongoa said Benjamin Mwandoghwe (50) told them that he had gone to his wife’s room searching for his voter’s card but ended up finding bizarre things stuffed in a basin under her bed.

Mwandoghwe asked for her wife to be caught, saying that his wife was way too powerful and witty. Had they gotten into a fight, it is possible she was going to end his life in a snap of fingers.

The items surrendered were a skull of a person, a dried hand of a baby, three calabashes with beads tied around them, human hair, bird nails, charms, dried snakes, roots, dried bat, among many others.

Arriving home not to find her things and hearing stories from the neighbours, the wife packed her bags and disappeared, not to be seen until today.

On the other hand, the village leaders demanded Tsh100,000 from the husband to release him and let things slide.

Another village man, made the issue known to the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB). They gave him money to help Mwandoghwe and later arrested the village leaders but did not have evidence as they had not yet been given the money.

All the things were burried as they found them to be of no use.