IWD: We are rising not to weigh you down

IWD: We are rising not to weigh you down

For centuries now, women’s voices have been silenced amid men even when they are right. Not because they do not make sense but because of our gender.

Whether you are a woman or a man, you have somehow heard of all the sexual assaults, domestic violence and insults your lady friends endure from either their families, partners, co-workers, bosses, leave alone the strangers in these streets.

We still live in the generation where in-laws get angry if a couple marries and do not bear children soon after. The woman swallows all the insults and seems as though she is barren even when the problem lies with the man.

It is still the same world where women are asked to offer sexual satisfaction in exchange for greater opportunities.

It started with older generations, and now we unite worldwide, not just women but also men. We unite not to ensure that the woman becomes the head. But to eliminate the prejudice that women face daily.

We unite not to bring down men, humiliate them, or take over their voice, but we rise to say, “listen to that woman as you would a man. She has a point too as important as the man’s point”.

We rise to remind you to look around and see how a few women who were given a chance have delivered beyond what you can imagine.

Have you seen how successful a family or company gets when males and females sit together to execute plans? The weight of responsibilities feels lighter and more achievable.

There have been efforts to help women enter doors closed to them from generation to generation with age. Having International Women’s Day helps speed up the process to end all the struggles women go through simply because they are women.

Be part of those who value and respect women and fight against gender bias. We rise to build together.

We rise to #Breakthebias and complete each other, not compete with one another.