LATRA announces revised fare structure for long and short-distance Travel.

LATRA announces revised fare structure for long and short-distance Travel.

The Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) has unveiled changes to fare prices for both long and short-distance journeys following a comprehensive review of feedback from transport stakeholders across the country.

As outlined by LATRA, the fare adjustments are as follows:

For journeys covering a distance of less than 10 kilometers, where the previous fare was 500 Tanzanian Shillings, the new fare will be 600 Tanzanian Shillings.

Trips spanning 11 to 15 kilometers, formerly priced at 550 Tanzanian Shillings, will now cost 700 Tanzanian Shillings.

Travel between 15 and 20 kilometers, with the previous fare of 600 Tanzanian Shillings, will now be 800 Tanzanian Shillings. Meanwhile, journeys covering 21 to 25 kilometers will see an increase from 700 to 900 Tanzanian Shillings.

For a distance of 26 to 30 kilometers, the fare is set at 1100 Tanzanian Shillings. Similarly, a trip covering 31 to 35 kilometers will cost 1300 Tanzanian Shillings, and for distances of 36 to 40 kilometers, the fare will be 1400 Tanzanian Shillings.

LATRA emphasizes that student fares for short-distance journeys will remain unchanged at 200 Tanzanian Shillings.

These adjustments aim to strike a balance between the needs of transport service providers and the interests of passengers, ensuring a fair and sustainable fare structure. LATRA encourages travelers and transport operators to familiarize themselves with the revised fares, which will come into effect promptly.

For any further inquiries or clarifications, LATRA encourages the public to reach out through their official communication channels.