Out on Bail: What Lies Ahead for Former Deputy Minister Pauline Philipo Gekul?

Out on Bail: What Lies Ahead for Former Deputy Minister Pauline Philipo Gekul?

In a recent turn of events, Ms. Pauline Philipo Gekul, former Deputy Minister for Constitution and Legal Affairs, has been granted bail after a session of questioning at Babati Police Station on Sunday evening.

The Member of Parliament representing Babati Urban and the proprietor of Paleii Lake View Garden is entangled in serious accusations of mistreatment and torture lodged against her by one of her employees, Hashim Philemon.

The controversy erupted with the circulation of a viral video on social media featuring Mr. Philemon on Saturday. In the video, he detailed instances of alleged harassment and torture inflicted by the Member of Parliament. The distressing footage prompted swift action from law enforcement.

Addressing the situation, ACP George Katabazi, the Manyara Regional Police Commander, clarified that Ms. Gekul willingly presented herself at the police station upon receiving a summons for interrogation. He dispelled rumors circulating on social media about her apprehension at the Tanzania-Kenya border while allegedly attempting to escape.

“We are actively investigating this matter; the interrogation has taken place, and she has been released on bail,” affirmed RPC Katabazi, urging the public to remain patient. He assured them of the police force’s commitment to conducting investigations with principles of justice, professionalism, and integrity. “Rest assured, we will not work against anyone,” he added.

Concerning Hashim Philemon, the police are diligently collecting evidence and questioning witnesses connected to the allegations. RPC Katabazi emphasized an unwavering commitment to a thorough and impartial investigation.

In response to the unfolding events, President Samia Suluhu Hassan revoked Ms. Gekul’s appointment as the Deputy Minister for Constitution and Legal Affairs on Saturday.

As legal proceedings progress, the public is encouraged to exercise patience and allow the police to carry out their investigations diligently. Updates will be provided as the situation develops.